Your style your hat!

Creating unique and personalized Headwear that will help you stand out in any crowd.


Customized Toddler Hats - Coming Soon!

From cute and cuddly to sassy and stylish, our custom toddler hats are the perfect accessory!

Your Design our Hat

Get ready to take your hat game to the next level with a custom design that's sure to impress!

  • Toddler Hats

    Looking for a hat that's as adorable as your toddler? Our custom toddler hats are the perfect fit!

  • Youth Hats

    Put your stamp on fashion with our custom youth hats – the perfect way to showcase your individuality!

  • Adult Hats

    Looking for a hat that stands out? Our custom hats are the perfect way to make a statement!


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Unique Product Offerings: We specialize in custom leather and leatherette patch hats made to order offering a unique product that is not commonly found in the market.

Unique and Personalized:

Customers can create a custom hat with a unique design that reflects their personal style or interests.

High-Quality Materials:

Hand picked vegetale tanned leather that is laser cut, dyed, sealed and bonded to your hat by us! We only use the top brands of head wear to include Richardson and Flexfit.


We aim to create custom head wear that is affordable while providing a high-quality and unique hat.